Reasons to Intern for a Nonprofit

Why doing a nonprofit internship could be a great idea (even if you’re not planning on a career in the nonprofit sector)

Yes, we’re biased, as we only offer internships with nonprofit organisations. But we strongly believe that interning for a small charity, one that is doing important work on a grassroots level, is both a great personal experience and a strong career-move. Even if you’re not pursuing a cause-driven career, doing a nonprofit internship can give you a uniquely valuable work experience.

Here are four reasons to intern for a nonprofit;

nonprofit internship in Africa

YOU’LL have a lot of responsibility

When you join us for a nonprofit internship, you’ll be a large part of a small team. This means that your input really matters; you can take on an important role. It’s a vastly different situation from the standard corporate internship, where you are likely to be a small part of a large team, and you might do quite a bit of administrative work. When you intern for a nonprofit, you can expect to have challenging tasks and as much responsibility as you feel comfortable with. It makes for a hugely valuable work experience.

Skill development

you’ll develop many skills

Another benefit of being part of a small team is that you’ll be able to have a varied set of tasks. When you intern with a nonprofit in Africa, your role is likely to be fairly flexible, which allows you to learn about different elements of your organisation. Instead of being stuck in one department, you can gain experience in a variety of fields, and develop a varied skill-set. Being part of small nonprofit also means you’ll work in a dynamic work environment that encourages you to adapt a flexible way of working; something that can come in handy in your future career.



An obvious (but not unimportant) benefit of interning with a nonprofit organisation is that you’ll be doing cause-driven work. Whether you’re part of a social impact initiative, an environmental organisation, or a wildlife conservation program, you’re contributing to an important cause. And since you’re working on a grassroots level, you’re likely to witness the impact in the field during your internship. It’s a rewarding and inspiring experience.

nonprofit internship Africa

you’ll build an interesting resume

Adding a nonprofit internship to your resume, especially an international one, will show a level of versatility and initiative. It adds variety and interest to your resume, and can help it stand out in a pile of job applications. Even if you’re venturing into a corporate career, a hands-on internship that allowed you to manage projects, take on large projects, and develop a wide range of skills will be an advantage. It might give you a head start with job applications and in interviews.