We invite you to apply for one of our psychology and social work internships in Africa! As an intern, you’ll join us in South Africa or Kenya to get practical work experience in your field of choice, and to contribute to nonprofit organizations at the same time. Depending on your skills and level of experience, you will assist with providing mental support and positive stimulation for children with troubled backgrounds, and offering counselling sessions to abuse victims or people with other trauma. You will be supervised by professionals in the field.

These psychology and social work internships are a great way to develop your knowledge and skills, gain valuable work experience, and offer support to people who desperately need it. They are also an opportunity to live and work in Africa, immerse yourself in different cultures, and explore a beautiful part of the world.

Find out more about our social work and psychology internships below, or get in touch if you have any questions!


Psychology Internship

Open for applications

Psychology Internship in Cape Town

Psychology Internship in Cape Town

8-26 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Psychology, Social Work

Assist with a variety of counseling sessions and shadow qualified professionals in the field.

internship opportunities in Kenya

Where you will live during your social work internship in Africa

If you join us as a social work or psychology intern, you’ll either stay in Cape Town, South Africa, or Kisumu, Kenya. Though in very different ways, these are both beautiful and inspiring settings for your internship.

Cape Town, which is nestled between mountains and oceans, is a culturally diverse city with breathtaking natural beauty. It’s cosmopolitan, vibrant, and hugely diverse. In your free time, you can pick up surfing, sample the rich culinary culture, venture onto Table Mountain, or go on a game drive.

In Kenya, you’ll be based in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. You’ll be welcomed into a friendly community that will make you feel at home in no time. Your location offers a variety of opportunities for some incredible trips, as you’ll be on the banks of Lake Victoria, and on the doorstep of some Big Five game reserves.


What can I expect from a social work internship in Africa?

If you’re looking for a social work internship abroad, do consider an African country as your destination. We offer social work internships in Kenya and South Africa – both countries that deal with a great deal of social issues, and the work you’ll do as an intern can make a true impact in people’s lives. Depending on the internship program you’ll join, you’ll be working with children or adults who deal with certain traumas and might not have access to the right help if it wasn’t for the nonprofit initiative you’ll be part of. Mental health support is not widely available, and offering the right kind of counseling to victims of abuse – or people with otherwise troubling backgrounds – is incredibly impactful and rewarding.

What can I expect from a psychology internship in Africa?

As a psychology intern in Cape Town, you’ll get practical work experience in counseling and supporting a variety of mental health programs while being guided by a professional psychologist. We’ll tailor your exact program according to your level of experience and your specific academic background, which ensures that you’ll hit the right balance between challenging yourself and staying within your ability level. Your work can include working in rehabilitation facilities, safe houses, and abuse victim support groups. Either way, you can expect to get hands-on experience in the psychology field.

Who can apply for these internships?

Our various psychology and social work internships require a relevant academic background, and some require some experience. It’s also important that you are willing to adapt to different cultures, and are excited by the idea of working in nonprofit environments. You should be able to approach your work with a proactive and flexible attitude, and you should be keen to learn.

But since the internships involve quite different tasks, they all require slightly different skill sets and experience. So have a look at the individual listings to see if you qualify

Why should I consider doing my social work or psychology internship abroad?

We might be biased, but we think that internships offer a uniquely wonderful opportunity to live and work abroad for a while. It’s a chance to challenge yourself in a foreign environment, immerse yourself in different cultures, and learn how to be adaptable. It’s also a chance to add international work experience to your resume. When it comes to social work and psychology internships, there’s also the fact that you might be able to get a much more in-depth, broad, and hands-on experience than when you’d stay at home. That’s especially the case in Africa, where mental health facilities are scarce, and you are likely to take on an active role as an intern.