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Looking for a photography internship in Africa? We have two exciting new humanitarian photography programs in Cape Town!

If you’re a keen photographer looking for an exciting opportunity to sharpen your skills, expand your portfolio, and contribute to social development work, you might be the perfect candidate for one of our photography projects in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re excited to have launched a Humanitarian Photography Project and a Nonprofit Photography Internship; both inspiring photographic adventures in a stunning setting. Here’s what to expect as a photography intern or volunteer, what the differences are between the two programs, and how you can apply.


What You’ll Photograph

On both photography programs, you’ll be photographing grassroots nonprofit organisations. We’re mainly focusing on projects in Masiphumelele, a township on Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula, that deals with high poverty and unemployment rates, a wealth of social issues, and a lack of good education. The area also has a high number of street animals that live in poor conditions. As a photography intern or a participant on our humanitarian photography program, you’ll document the work of a number of nonprofit organisations that are working in Masiphumelele or surrounding communities. You can then donate a selection of your images to each organisation, so that they can use them to raise awareness for their cause.

As a photography intern, you’ll have a flexible program that we’ll put together for you that meets your interests and goals. If you join our humanitarian photography workshop, you’ll embark on week-long assignments with nonprofits. Either way, we’ll make sure to match you with nonprofit organisations that you feel particularly passionate about.

These organisations can have the following focus areas;

  • Education and early childhood development
  • Health education
  • Sports coaching for at risk youth
  • Animal welfare
  • Female empowerment
  • Skill development
  • Arts / photography workshops
  • Environmental development

What You’ll Achieve

As a photography volunteer or intern on these Cape Town programs, you’ll be guided by a professional humanitarian photography, Anna Lusty. She’ll guide you throughout your stay, and help you make the most out of the experience. Here’s what you can expect to achieve;

  • You’ll improve your photography skills through tutoring by Anna Lusty.
  • You’ll build a unique and extensive portfolio of images.
  • You’ll learn how to approach nonprofit photography, and about the role visual media can play in the nonprofit sector.
  • You’ll make an impact! A selection of your images will be used to raise awareness about and fundraise for important social development, environmental, and/or animal welfare causes.
  • You’ll spend time in Cape Town! Okay, not an achievement per se, but definitely a brilliant thing to do. Cape Town is an incredible place, and there will be plenty of time to explore your stunning surroundings.

Where You’ll Stay

As a photographer on these programs, you’ll stay in a gorgeous shared house on Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula. You’ll share the space with international travellers, volunteers and interns. It’s a stunning setting with views of Chapman’s Peak and nearby beaches. There’s shops and restaurants a few minutes drive away, and the centre of Cape Town is a 30-minute drive. It’s a lovely balance of wide open spaces and proximity to the buzzing of the city. During days off, you can go onto Table Mountain, explore the wineries in Constantia, go surfing in Muizenberg, visit the penguins at Boulder’s Beach, or hang out at the V&A Waterfront, with all its markets, shops, and restaurants.

Who Should Join

If you’re a keen photographer with a passion for using your skills to make an impact, one of these programs might be a perfect match. The requirements for both programs are slightly different; if you’d like to join our Cape Town photography internship, you’ll need to be an intermediate to advanced photographer. You’ll need to have some solid experience with photography and an ability to work quite independently. It’s an ideal opportunity for a student of photography, media studies, or similar degrees, or anyone who wants to advance their career as a photographer. To join the humanitarian photography project, you don’t need to be as advanced, though you’ll still need to have basic photography skills.

On both programs, these are the requirements;

  • You need to have a good DSLR or mirrorless camera, and ideally a range of lenses.
  • You need to have some experience in photography and image editing.
  • You’ll have to bring a laptop for post production of your images.
  • Obviously you’ll need to be keen to learn about nonprofit photography, and to use your images to contribute to worthwhile causes.

The Differences: Humanitarian Photography Project & Nonprofit Photography Internship

Though both programs focus on nonprofit photography and are based in the same location, there are a some real differences. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, we’ll be happy to give you a call and talk you through it. But here’s an overview of the main differences;

  • Either way you’ll be guided by photographer Anna Lusty, but the humanitarian photography project offers much more guidance, as it starts with an intense 5-day workshop. If you join the nonprofit photography internship, there are occasional shorter sessions with her.
  • We require a higher level of photography for the internship, as you’d be working more independently.
  • The internship is more flexible and less structured, as it’s more customised for each person. It also has flexible start dates, whereas the project has set start dates.
  • The photography internship has a minimum of four weeks; the project has a minimum of two weeks.
  • As an intern, you’ll be part of the team, and besides photographing, you’ll also get involved in behind the scenes work, such as assisting with logistics, managing social media accounts, writing online content, etc.

Ready to Become a Photography Intern or Photography Volunteer in Cape Town? Here’s How to Apply.

We’re now open for applications for the rest of 2020! If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the online  (it will open in a new tab), and send your CV and a portfolio of images to We’ll then get back to you as soon as we can to start a conversation – and to hopefully place you onto one of our nonprofit photography programs!

Find out more about our non-profit photography internship and humanitarian photography volunteer program!