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Working in an atmosphere that inspires environmental activism and collective empowerment

Natalie is on a gap year program and spends this year traveling and doing volunteer work before starting her study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. First, she went to Costa Rica to teach English and work at a daycare center. After that was supposed to go to Indonesia but a volcano eruption forced her to change her plans. She was looking for an internship in the area of Marketing and Communications and finally chose to join Greenpop for a Social Media and PR Internship. It turned out to be an experience that simply cannot be matched. Read her story about her internship experience in Cape Town.

I have attempted to write this blog post many times to no avail. It seems simple; write about your internship experience. However, it is difficult to put into words how amazing my internship experience in Cape Town was. From watching the sunset at Signal Hill with the loft family to sitting around the campfire in the Platbos Forest, it was an experience that simply cannot be matched.

A warm welcome in Cape Town

Getting to Cape Town was an absolute mess. Due to the winter storm that was hitting New York City, my flight to Johannesburg was delayed, and then canceled. I managed to get on a different flight leaving from Washington D.C., but then missed my scheduled flight to Cape Town from Johannesburg. After 32 hours of travel, I stumbled into the Cape Town Loft, somewhat delirious and incredibly sleep-deprived. The loft family, an ever-changing group of people from all around the world, welcomed me with open arms. The next morning, I was introduced to everyone at the Greenpop office.

After the first day, everything seemed to go by in a blur. Unfamiliar faces became family, and foreign places became home. Weekends were spent lying on the beach at Clifton or Camps Bay, mornings spent at coffee shops, nights spent at bars, and hiking Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. Every once in a while, we had to say goodbye to one of the wonderful people that called the loft home. Despite how many times people departed, it never got any easier. I have made lifelong friends from around the world.

Social media and PR Internship  Social media and PR Internship

Working as a Marketing and Communications Intern

At Greenpop, I worked as a Marketing and Communications Intern. I was mainly tasked with social media upkeep and the occasional blog post. Throughout the duration of the internship, I found myself gaining more and more experience in the aspect of marketing and communications. All of the work that goes on behind the scenes at an organization like Greenpop, intrigued me. The marketing team, Zoe, and Nev have created an atmosphere that inspires environmental activism and collective empowerment, all through the use of social media!

I had the opportunity to be interning at Greenpop during the Reforest Fest. When early March arrived, it was time to head to the Platbos Forest. Being in the forest was beyond magical: late nights and early mornings, sunrises and sunsets, dancing, campfires, tent-sleeping, large spiders, bakkie rides, and lots of hot chocolate. Everywhere you looked, people were smiling and filled with joy. The festival was filled with environmental warriors who believed in the power of collective action. There was an overwhelming sense of positivity; everyone was incredibly supportive of one another.

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Becoming more conscious of my environmental impact

Greenpop has also inspired me to become more conscious of my actions and how they affect the environment. Back home in the United States, I am currently living near the ocean. Never I used to notice the amount of waste that was strewn across the beach, but now I make an effort to pick some up each day. And I have been a vegetarian for a while now, but have recently switched to veganism, because of the terrible ramifications the dairy industry has on the environment. I am attempting to make small changes that limit my personal impact on the environment.

My internship experience in Cape Town was the happiest time ever

I was able to celebrate my 19th birthday in Cape Town. That morning, a few other interns and I decided to hike Lion’s Head for the sunrise, while the city was still fast asleep. I remember looking at the ocean from the top of the mountain, with the sun rising over the horizon, and thinking, “I have never been happier than I am right now.” Thanks to the Greenpop staff, the loft family, and everyone else I crossed paths within the beautiful city of Cape Town, I was the happiest I had been in years. Interning at Greenpop gave me an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I choose to believe that there is good in this world because of organizations like Greenpop.

Social Media and PR Internship

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