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Mallorie’s Experience as a Psychology Intern in Cape Town

Mallorie Davis interned at Projekt Ubuntu in Cape Town, a project working mostly with vulnerable children in the communities of Ocean View and Masiphumelele. She got to do many different things during her time there, to make the most out of her internship! Read more about Mallorie’s experience as a psychology intern in Cape Town.

A Perfect Match

My time as an intern was absolutely amazing. When I first arrived, I was placed working only with children, which I enjoyed. However, that was not all I wanted out of my psychology internship. I am so grateful that Candi introduced me to Frances. With her help, I was able to truly get an internship that fit my learning desires. Frances set up a program for me to work in a women’s safe house twice a week, and once a week at a recovery center. The program she made put me doing things that helped me gain more experience in the field of psychology I want to have a career in.

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Volunteering Experience

I think that more students would be interested in this same type of psychology internship. The whole idea of Roots Interns is to give students an internship in which they gain experience in their desired field while also gaining experience in volunteering. This is exactly what Frances and Candi put together for me.

Within the Safe House, I was working as a volunteer intern. I was able to put together a confidence and mindfulness building program for the women and work with them for about 3 hours each day I was there. This helped me gain volunteering experience by helping members of a community with their psychological needs. The recovery center I participated at once a week helped me to gain some experience in the actual workplace. On top of both of these, Frances also met with me once a week to talk to me more about any counseling questions I had.

A New Mindset

I learned so much from my psychology internship. Coming to South Africa, I believed I would be giving so much to a community in need. I thought I would help to make a difference. Instead, my experiences here provided me with so many new skills and realizing my true potential. I learned so much more from the women at the Safe House than I could have ever expected. What they gave me was a new mindset of what resilience and strength truly are. I could not have asked for a better experience, and I know that my short time here will open so many more doors for me in my future.

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