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Get involved, get active with Greenpop, and you won’t regret your choice!

Juliette studies International Business. She was looking for an experience in project management or communications in the sustainable development field. Although she felt she was more qualified for a communications internship, she preferred to get experience in event coordination. She wanted to have a direct influence to create positive change but also get more organizational and networking skills. Besides, working for a nonprofit would hopefully make her think out of the box. After all, funding is probably limited. In this blog, she looks back on her Event Coordination Internship for the past six months.

Responsibilities as an Events Intern

During my six-month Event Coordinator Internship in Cape Town, I was part of a large and active team. I worked with Carla Wessels, Greenpop’s Head of Events. I assisted her with the organization of the Eden Festival of Action 2018 in June and July. Therefore, I managed logistics, participant coordination, and inventory management. I also managed technical modalities, such as materials for the infrastructures on the ground. I negotiated with suppliers and sponsors for the prices on equipment, raw materials, flights or venues. Apart from that, I contacted different agencies, artists and singers, to ask them to participate. Carla delegated and gave me responsibilities, which improved my sense of autonomy and decision making, as well as my teamwork and communication skills.

Event Coordination Greenpop_FOA

On the ground, I helped her to coordinate the event as part of the production team. Together, we managed the everyday program, logistics of the participants, drivers, schedules and sponsors. We also worked on the ground, supervising the participants. It brought me interpersonal skills I didn’t have before, because of being uncomfortable having to speak English. I earned a sense of responsibility, practicality, rigor, and got used to working more hours than expected.

Apart from the environment, I am also passionate about art – painted and musical. During the Eden FOA, I worked with two artists: Mieke van der Merwe, and in Artwell Musungate. I joined them to schools to paint environmental murals with children. I also helped realize the final painting to represent the beauty of the festival. Apart from that, I assisted with creating a few songs with different musicians. This was the perfect way to combine work with my aspirations.

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Promoting Greenpop to the outside World

I also assisted Greenpop’s director Misha during my internship. With him, I focused on the image of Greenpop, so I attended corporate events or went to universities for presentations. We presented the organization and the event in order to interest people for the newsletter, register for the event, or become a donor. My role was to help with the preparation of all documentation before and after these visits.

Juliette_Event coordination Cape Town  FOA_Juliette

Besides, I had the opportunity to create and plan an entire cultural touristic tour Greenpop organized with the municipality of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, in France. Good thought, because I’m French! I created a program in line with their budget and specifications. This included taxes and interests for the final price, by contacting airline companies, cultural and housing venues. This project taught me to be as logical as possible in my program creation, adapting to the participant’s characteristics and financial constraints.

You won’t regret an Event Coordination Internship with Greenpop

I can say at the Greenpop office, you work closely with the other employees and interns in an open space. Communication is really easy and everyone cares for each other. I learned not to consider my workplace as just the corporate side of my life. It is also a place where I can work with enthusiasm and friends. During the festival, I met so many inspiring people on the ground that taught me as much as I taught them. It was a healthy place to learn my job and get motivated by others when I felt fatigued. Besides, having a mix of office tasks and on-the-ground tasks made me feel refreshed and useful everywhere.

So if I can give you some good advice: Get involved, get active with Greenpop, and you won’t regret your choice!

With love, Juliette

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