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After graduating with her M.Sc in Palaeoclimatology from the University of Cape Town, Robyn was unsure what her next move would be. Enter Greenpop. She’d been subscribed to the Greenpop newsletter for a few years and appreciated the company’s ideals. Robyn decided it was a good idea to get involved in a meaningful program (like a Horticulture internship) in her city while she figured out her plans for the new year.

Horticulture internship is more than nursery work

As a Horticulture intern, I spent a few days a week in the Greenpop nursery in Woodstock. My tasks included watering the plants (not easy in the middle of water restrictions!), turning compost, planting seedlings, weeding and cleaning the area, harvesting vegetables to eat in the office, and pest control. I also went on plant days and monitoring days, where we plant trees and check up on them. Besides, I worked with communities with whom I would not have connected otherwise. I also did a road trip around Cape Town with a bunch of amazing people. Learning more about tree identification and causes of stress meant I always had great facts to whip out on my next hike!

Want to go out even more to communities? Check out Greenpop’s Urban Greening Internship

Greenpop’s office surprised me

I always looked forward to Fridays. Not because of TGIF, but every Friday, the office cooked and had a vegan lunch together. Everyone hung out and learned more about each other. This was a fun time and had the added bonus of facilitating better communication between departments.

These things made the office environment a great place to be. As someone who is happiest outdoors, I’m surprised I never felt confined working from 9-to-5 at a desk. This probably had to do with the good-natured atmosphere and loud sounds of laughter. Whenever I was sick of staring at my computer, I simply walked to the office seedbox, grabbed some soil, and planting some seedlings to grow next to my desk over the following weeks.

nursery nursery

Watching the nursery progress

My Horticulture internship was almost over, and I was asked what I would miss about it. I will mostly miss the people that I have come to love working with every day. Besides, I will miss being in the nursery and being able to watch the incredible progress they make there. Overall, my time at Greenpop was a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future.