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Laura had a variety of tasks and worked with different platforms during her Social Media and PR Internship

She knew she wanted to do an internship with a non-profit when her university required her to do an internship abroad for her study International Informations Management in Germany. She always wanted to visit South Africa. Go abroad and not take the chance to live in this country would have been a missed opportunity. So she joined Greenpop for three months Social media and PR Internship.

The thought of working at a place where you can leave your desk and know you did something meaningful is great, so one day I hope to work for a big NGO. I’m a big friend of nature, and I love everything that comes with it. It’s a sad fact that we destroy our home called earth. So we need organizations that work against that and wake people up. My friend Marie was also fascinated by South Africa and we decided to look for something together. When we found out about Greenpop this Social media and PR internship seemed like the best opportunity to learn a lot and to do something good.

Marketing, SEO and social media

I was doing a mixture of things: marketing, SEO but mainly worked on several social media platforms. I had the opportunity to redo the Pinterest account as well as manage the Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. It’s not just posting content as I have to do research, get in touch with people, write copy, look for high-quality photos and do some designs before I post on the platforms. I spend most of the time in the office, but on Tuesdays, all interns often have the opportunity to go to the nursery and that’s pretty cool. And also went on planting or monitoring days, so I got to see all the work Greenpop does outside the office as well. It was a great experience to see children and partners (who sponsored the planting day) working hand in hand! I like the whole package: the variety of tasks and the fact that I work with different platforms.

Planning social media

I didn’t really have any working experience in marketing or communications when I came to Greenpop, so I knew I would definitely learn a lot during my Social media and PR internship. How a team works, that communication is everything, but also other little things and ‘technical stuff’ like to systems and programs Greenpop is working with and what’s going on behind the scenes of social media. I honestly never really thought about scheduling social media posts in advance. Imagine if you would have to work on every post at that specific time of posting! I think it all will be very helpful in my future. I could also develop my English skills. My vocabulary might not be perfect, but at least I feel more confident to speak. And hopefully, this working experience will also help me get another internship with a big non-profit in Germany (as it’s difficult to get in without any previous experience).

img_3947     img_3168     Laura and Marie in Cape Town

I really was in charge of social media

Before coming here I wasn’t expecting to get so much responsibility and to do so many things. As an intern at Greenpop you learn how to work alone but at the same time how to work in a team as well. I really was in charge of those accounts. Of course, I received instructions and a briefing, but I could give my own input and ideas as well. I enjoy the fact that my ideas were also really integrated into the projects (and the whole process).  I think I even made a little impact by having the chance to bring in my own ideas. Working with social media also makes you realize you communicate with the world and I think each message makes an impact on a few persons. I’m actually a bit proud that I re-posted one of the pictures of my personal Instagram account on the Greenpop account and it was one of the most successful posts.

Besides getting responsibility we have three more reasons why you should consider an NGO Internship.

Greenpop is a great place to gain experience in the field of communications and marketing and the team does an incredible job to spread their vision. During a Social media and PR internship, you will gain good insights into the work of an NGO and I had the greatest team ever. Everyone is warm, friendly and nice. There are not only colleagues, but they also became my friends.

A lasting memory of my time as an intern in Cape Town

My time here has many highlights. Cape Town is a very nice place and the nature is overwhelming. You can do and experience so many things just by going out in nature. What I can really recommend is hiking Table Mountain, crossing the dam, going up Lions Head for sunset or full moon and swimming with the penguins at Boulder’s Beach! The most challenging moment here was actually hiking up Table Mountain. Marie and I both aren’t that sporty so we took our time to get up via Skeleton Gorge (on a very hot day). It was an amazing feeling.  I got up there knowing that even though my body and mind wanted to go back and stop I had the strength to continue. It made me think of a metaphor for life because even if it’s hard sometimes you have to keep going. At that moment Marie and I decided to get a tattoo to remind us of our time in Cape Town. And Table Mountain was the perfect symbol.

I’m going to miss a lot of things. The daily routine at Greenpop, the people I met and the amazing view I had all day long. Everywhere I look I see mountains and I’m really going to miss this landscape. Going back to Germany where it’s very cold (in winter), I’m really going to appreciate Cape Town weather even tough I cursed the wind here.

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