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Daire grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and studied Environmental Geography in England at the University of York. Her passion for the environment and love for writing brought her to Greenpop for a Writing and Communications Internship in Cape Town. She truly embraced the experience and is sharing it with us.

Embrace the experience

I carry those three words with me wherever I go. When I’m feeling apprehensive or scared they remind me to close my eyes and take the leap, do something adventurous and be bold. As I sat anxiously on the plane, trying to catch a glimpse of Table Mountain out the window, my mind kept encouraging me. “Embrace the experience. Embrace the experience. Embrace the experience.”

And it’s true what they say. The best things happen outside of your comfort zone. It’s incredible how quickly something that feels so scary at first begins to feel like home. Doing my Writing and Communications internship with Greenpop felt like being welcomed into a family. Never before have I been surrounded by so many inspiring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. Despite working in a city that experiences numerous environmental and socio-economic challenges, they are constantly motivated to overcome any obstacles in pursuit of a greener, more sustainable world.

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I spent the last three years completing a science degree in Environmental Geography. I was a bit unsure about making the switch to creative writing, but my supervisors were encouraging and supportive. They always took the time to provide me with constructive feedback. Besides, they gave me the freedom to choose topics that interested me the most. I became familiar with WordPress, SEO, and social media strategizing which I can take into prospective jobs and my own personal love for writing. Every Tuesday, the interns replaced their clean hands on their keyboards with dirty hands turning the compost. A day spent at Greenpop’s Eco-Education Hub means building, painting, planting, and yes, sometimes dancing and singing too. It really is the soul and soil of Greenpop (you’ll soon realize that everyone in the office loves a tree-related pun!)

Writing and Communications Internship   Writing and Communications Internship

An internship in Cape Town is a life experience too

However, this internship is more than just work experience. It’s a life experience too. Surfing in Muizenberg, watching sunsets on top of Lion’s head, drinking Black Label while the braai heats up, dancing the night away at a Kirstenbosch concert, becoming best friends with every Zimbabwean uber driver, counting shooting stars in the Cederberg mountains, road trips to Hermanus, getting your hands dirty on plant days and countless games of Uno with your housemates on the loft balcony, Table Mountain as the backdrop. All of this and more make up an internship with Greenpop.

To have had a small impact in such an ambitious, long-term project is humbling. When I think back to that first day, nervously sitting on the plane as it made its approach into Cape Town, it’s hard to believe that 11 weeks later I’d be leaving behind an incredible group of friends and a city I learned to call come. So, if you’re reading this, nervously contemplating whether you should apply for an internship with Roots… My advice would be yes, embrace the experience.

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Writing and Communications Internship