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An Internship combining the interest in videography and environmental conservation

Katja joined the Greenpop team as a photography volunteer in 2015 for Greenpop’s annual Platbos Reforest Fest. With her background in television journalism and her history with Greenpop, she was the perfect fit for this Videography Internship.

I love nature; conserving the environment is at the forefront of my interests. And, like the average Cape Townian, I enjoy a good weekend festival. Greenpop easily combines these passions by nurturing our natural heritage through fun and conscious festivals. Naturally, when I learned about Greenpop’s internship program, I instantly applied. The team needed a video editor, and as my skillset includes television journalism, I filled the gap.

Video for social media

I mostly created videos for Greenpop’s social media platforms. I filtered through footage from previous Greenpop festivals to select the best snippets and put them together as concise stories. In total, I produced six short videos, mostly promoting the upcoming Reforest Fest in Platbos, and the Zambia Festival of Action. I also shot and produced two short videos that provide a glimpse into the day-to-day activities of Greenpop interns.

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My initial fear was that I would remain cooped in the office, never setting foot out in the field. This fear disappeared quickly; every day presented varied and exciting tasks, twists and turns. While some days were certainly spent in the office, opportunities abounded to join the planting team at the nursery, the monitoring team out and about checking up on trees, and the events team manning activations and setting up green events throughout the city. All in all, through my involvement I gained a general overview of the different sections, teams, and projects that Greenpop comprises. More important though were the many memories, connections, and friendships that ensued.

videography internship

Getting Down at Secret Sunrise in Cape Town


Getting messy at the Greenpop Nursery

More than colleagues

The Greenpop team is like a family. While the work standard is high, the atmosphere in the office is open and supportive. Monday meetings set the tone for the week, and Friday lunches allow everyone to mingle and share a meal together. One of my internship’s highlights was preparing a vegan lunch for the office with Project Manager Farrah. We cooked up a meal using ingredients from the Greenpop nursery and the local market. This is where our friendship truly manifested itself. Our love of food and healthy, sustainable eating united us, and the kitchen provided a safe space for a heart-to-heart exchange.

My bond with Farrah is one of the many close friendships that ensued from my internship. This closeness, connection, and authentic relating is part and parcel of the Greenpop culture. It makes an internship at Greenpop exceptionally special. Not only was I blessed with amazing experiences and new skills, but also a community of like-minded brothers and sisters.

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Improve your skills, make authentic connections, and make an impact during your internship at Greenpop. It is an assertive step on the path to sustainable living and harmonizing with the natural ecosystems. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to learn, create, be inspired, contribute, and connect. I’m truly grateful for my involvement with the Greenpop family and proud to be a Treevolutionary.

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