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Looking for a meaningful internship with a Non-profit

Isabel finished her Honours in International Management in Germany and is thinking about doing a Masters in Environmental Management.  She was looking for a meaningful internship with an organization that made a positive impact in its community. She really wanted to help make a difference, especially for our environment.

“I have been interested in the environmental sector for a while and wanted to get the first-hand experience. I also love traveling and experience new countries and cultures. A friend of mine, that has already been living in Cape Town for a while, told me about Greenpop. I did some research and knew it was an organization I really wanted to intern with!” In one of her previous internships she did social media and marketing, so joining Greenpop as a Social Media and PR Intern was the perfect opportunity.

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Capturing an event on social media

Originally Isabel wanted to join Greenpop for two months only, but every year in March Greenpop organizes two weekends full of tree planting, lots of volunteers and fun. It would be a pity to leave Greenpop just before that, so she decided to stay a bit longer. After all, it’s nice to work on a project, but even better to see it all coming together in the end and be part of the actual event. “I was mainly working on social media doing copywriting and managing Greenpop’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. In addition, I helped out with many things that came up in our communications departments, such as email campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO), which was very interesting to learn about.”

“Coming up to Reforest Fest, most of our communication efforts went into promoting this event. It was a lot of work but also super rewarding and fun, to see that we sold out in the end! And it was great to also get involved in some “offline” marketing events. I took part in activations at markets or the university, where we explained to people what the Reforest Fest is about and got them to sign up! During Reforest Fest, as the social media and PR intern, I was responsible for communications and capturing the event on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. But also doing shifts at different stands- such as the merchandise stand, the bar or T-shirt printing! It was very interesting to experience a festival from the organizers’ perspective, it made me realize how much work and attention to detail goes into it!”


Making an impact: from planting trees to spreading the green movement

“As a social media and PR intern, I’ve learned a lot about communication and social media strategies, email marketing and search engine optimization. Besides, I learned a lot about current environmental issues and topics. And I learned how to plant a tree! It was definitely an incredible feeling to plant trees at Platbos. That alone made me feel that I made an impact, even if it’s a pretty small one. Working on Greenpop’s communication efforts daily on social media, I hope I made a difference by spreading the green movement!” We know for sure Isabel has made a difference and left her legacy for future interns. She created an SEO guide, which, according to her supervisor, is invaluable and will be useful in the communications department for the foreseeable future.

More than work or an internship in Cape Town

When we asked her about the highlights of the internships there were several that came up. “A highlight, of course, was the Reforest Fest in Platbos, where we planted 8,000 trees! It’s amazing to see hundreds of people coming together not only to have a good time, but also to help the environment. Reforest Fest, a green and conscious festival, is really one of a kind! And the planting day at a school in the Cape flats to plant trees with the kids was such a great experience! The Friday team lunch was another weekly highlight when two team members cooked a delicious vegan meal for the team.

I am incredibly lucky to have worked with such an awesome, fun and talented team! Everybody in the office is so awesome. Supporting and encouraging each other always, good vibes and such a sincere passion for making a change. It didn’t just felt like work, it felt like a family. Being a social media and PR intern with Greenpop has definitely shaped my life and made me reconsider. It was more than an internship. It was meeting wonderful people, having endless laughs in the office, getting our hands dirty when planting trees, and having fun. I will miss the wonderful people I have met here and the great work environment. I have definitely fallen in love with Cape Town, it’s a vibrant city with its incredibly beautiful nature surrounding it. I will be coming back!”

What more can we add to that? And Greenpop will gladly reserve Isabel a seat to join them for one of their delicious vegan team lunches.


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Photo credits: Secret Sunrise, Greenpop, Isabel Noltsch