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I will see through a Greenpop lens for a long time to come

Amy has a love for media and writing and lives in Cape Town. She took a gap year after finishing her bachelor degree English to figure out what she wants to do next. She wanted to combine her skills and interests in an internship, preferably with a nonprofit. There are many organizations and initiatives in the Mother City. She wanted to know what it’s like to be actively involved. The Social Media and Marketing Internship with Greenpop turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her.

The past three months are difficult to explain without a few overused clichés. I will attempt to avoid these in the following passages about my internship with Greenpop, but if a few do slip in, I hope they’ll be forgiven. I have spent three months with Greenpop as a marketing and writing intern, with Catherine (Greenpop’s Marketing Manager) as my supervisor. The concluding two weeks of my time, I spent in Platbos forest, where the Reforest Fest is held. I’m writing this just hours after my first indoor shower and afternoon nap.

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The ‘working World’ versus the Greenpop Office

After finishing my degree, I was plagued with threats of the “working world”. The endless stretches of grey cubicles and short lunch breaks, the early mornings and painful traffic hours, the competitive colleagues and unsurmountable workload. I’m sure these threats of stale coffee and puffy eyes hold some weight. However, the Greenpop office could not be further from those colorless descriptions.

The Greenpop office runs on fresh coffee, stimulating conversations and breaks filled with colorful vegan lunches. There are meditation and Monday morning gratitude circles, and windows filled with sunny mountain views. There’s even a puppy Toby, and a baby Arden. I know that the Greenpop office is completely unique. I am truly grateful to have experienced how positive and uplifting an office environment can truly be.

Marketing for the Event and working at the Event

Working with Catherine gave me insight into the ways an NGO like Greenpop functions. I thoroughly enjoyed assisting her with PR and content creation ahead of Reforest Fest 2019. Assisting Gabriela, creative extraordinaire, with décor for the festival taught me just how much work it takes to host an event of this scale, and how much fun it can be as well.

Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town_Platbos  Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town_Platbos

That leads me to my final two weeks at Greenpop – Platbos Forest and the 2019 Reforest Fest (this is where those clichés might slip in). Those two weeks proved to be an experience that helped to define my time with Greenpop. It was invaluable and unforgettable. It was hard – the days were long and the work seemed never-ending. But those moments melted away at the end of every day. They seemed insignificant as the weekends of the festival approached. To be surrounded by the most beautiful landscape and a team of like-minded people who were inspired and supportive was amazing. Those two weeks visualised the important work that Greenpop is doing. It also highlighted the extent of people’s kindness and warmth, and their capacity to give. Those two weeks restored my faith in humanity and the potential for real environmental change.

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Greenpop has challenged me, taught me, nurtured me and supported me and the experience has exceeded any expectations of the impact three months working in my home town of Cape Town could have on me. I may be leaving the Greenpop office but I think that I will see through a Greenpop lens for a long time to come.

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