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The power of Media to bring across change

Media has a huge influence on our lives today. Different from the corporate world, NGO’s make use of the Media to raise awareness about certain issues and bring across change. It is a powerful tool to educate and motivate people. To bring across their message to the outside world, small non-profits are often looking for young talents who are willing to do a Media Internship. There are different kinds of Media Internships with focus areas such as photography, videography, communications, marketing, content writing, and graphic design. We wanted to learn about the impact you can make as a Media Intern with a non-profit and sent our very own Communications and Marketing Intern to join Christina for a day. Christina is doing a Videography Internship with Greenpop an environmental NGO in Cape Town and she is working on a very special project right now…

Fynbos for the Future

It was a warm, sunny day after several cold days of rainy weather in Cape Town. I met Christina at the Greenpop office at 9 am from where we drove to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Greenpop has started a project called Fynbos for the Future which involves the installation of rain-water systems, the creation of fynbos gardens and outdoor classrooms in local schools. The organization originally started by planting trees but is currently focussing on fynbos planting due to severe water restrictions in Cape Town. Fynbos, the indigenous vegetation of the Western Cape, needs less water than trees. Furthermore, fynbos is known for attracting pollinators such as bees which allows seeds to spread and grow. Resulting in a self-sustained ecosystem. Christina’s task as a Videography Intern is to create a promotional video that raises awareness about the project.

media internship videography media internship videography

The Video Project

At the beginning of her internship, Christina created a storyline for the Fynbos for the Future video. With the video, Greenpop aims to attract investors for the project and to educate the general public. Christina’s storyline consists of natural landscape shots and interviews with stakeholders such as school teachers and Greenpop employees. Therefore, we went to Kirstenbosch to get natural footage of various species of fynbos and the majestic Table Mountain. I experienced the Botanical Garden as a beautiful oasis just outside the buzzing city of Cape Town. So, I was very excited to go there for work!

On the way to the Botanical Garden, Christina told me about her interviews with teachers from two schools in Cape Town. These schools are partnering with Greenpop and will be the first ones to get a fynbos garden with an outdoor classroom. The idea behind the interviews with the teachers is to hear their opinion on the project and the educational aspect of it. Christina enjoyed meeting the people who are benefiting from the project. However, she did face some technical challenges as her microphone and the SD-Card stopped working. So, she had to ask the interviewees to repeat what they have said several times.

media internship videography media internship videography

The Botanical Garden turned out to be the perfect place to get footage of fynbos. While Christina was filming Table Mountain and the plants, I had to be quiet in order to keep the idyllic atmosphere. However, a beautiful place like Kirstenbosch makes it easy to be quiet and just enjoy nature. The shots from Kirstenbosch will be used to introduce the environmental context of the Fynbos for the Future project. Sometimes, I felt a bit like a paparazzo following Christina and taking pictures of her every move.

media internship videography media internship videography media internship videography

Making an Impact as a Media Intern

It was lunchtime when Christina got all the footage she needed and we sat down for a picnic on the grass. I took the chance while eating my lunch, to create stories about my day with Christina for Roots Interns Instagram account. Being a Marketing and Communications Intern for Roots provides me with the opportunity of telling other intern’s amazing stories and spending time with them. I always love to hear about their personal impact as an integral part of a non-profit organization. Through storytelling and video production skills, Christina is visualizing and communicating Greenpop’s important work to the outside world. Christina’s video will help to spread awareness about a project that strives towards a more sustainable future. Therefore, having talented Media Interns is very valuable especially for small NGO’s such as Greenpop.

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Not only Greenpop but also Christina is benefitting from the internship experience. When she received feedback from the manager of Greenpop on the interviews with the teachers, he gave her very useful tips for improvement. Christina told me that in this one hour of talking to the manager, she had learned more about videography than in one of her classes in university. Having said that, she hopes her teacher doesn’t read this.

media internship videography media internship videography

It has been a fun and successful day for both of us. Back in the Greenpop office, Christina is going to edit the film material and start putting it together into a sequence. Once she has all the footage she needs, she is going to create the final version of the Fynbos For The Future promotional video. I can’t wait to see it! We will share it with you once it is ready. Stay tuned!

Update: check out the end result. Well done Christina!

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